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Fabulous To Meet You

Yolanda Drewell

This is an interview series where the Queen of Fabulocity, Yolanda Drewell, meets fabulous women for the first time, just as if they met at a party. Each guest has something intriguing about them, which makes them fabulous! In each episode, Yolanda also asks each guest about their five most fabulous things, and these provide an incredible snapshot of the person. Yolanda is on a mission to highlight that every woman has the ability and right to look, feel and do fabulous. She is the founder of Fabulocity, a habit and life philosophy which includes radical self-embracement, bold expression and living life with lightness and curiosity. Fabulocity comes in many guises, and it has nothing to do with perfection, extroversion, or frivolity. Find more information about how to step into your boldest, bravest self on her website, https://www.yolandadrewell.com/